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Whole 30 Day 3, 4, headache-land and how I'm staying motivated

Go visit www.daniellelaporte.com for more inspiration. If I can't motivate you, she sure af can. 

Go visit www.daniellelaporte.com for more inspiration. If I can't motivate you, she sure af can. 

Beginning the Whole 30 is like voluntary PMS.  I'm glad I mapped out my food for the week - I'm gonna keep it movin' - because I have a headache. So, we're not gonna talk about it. What we should talk about is the support around this process. 

Any lifestyle change needs reinforcement in other areas of your life. 

First off, the people around me are my main motivators. This is why so many bloggers write about surrounding yourself with people who move you in the right direction. My roommates eat well and take care of themselves. Brenna and Hafsah were trying this food plan right when I needed to shake up my weight loss, health, and fitness approach. It's an extension of the saying: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn. Secondly, I'm listening to Helya Naghibi's podcast Fit Dirty Thirty, which gives daily assignments - the only one of which I excel at is drinking enough water. The first two I'll tack on at the bottom of this post. Mostly, it's a foundational tool, to start my day in the right mindset. I get in the car to go to work, I listen, I stick to my food plan. Simples. 

The people and media you surround yourself with inform your behavior. 


Lastly, and most importantly I'm exercising - not daily, not excessively, not even really enough - but it's something. My favorite class right now is Body Positive at Willow Street Yoga in Takoma Park, MD, where I'm also doing Yoga I (for the 30th time). It covers all the bases: the people inspire and guide me and what I hear and do transforms me.

I would love to be toned and fit and I'll keep working on it. For today, I'm grateful for the health my body has currently.   I have what I need and I try to remember that because as long as I honor that and keep my surroundings positive, I seem to move in the right direction.



  1. My constant need to explore, that I'm 'always seeking', mentally and otherwise.
  2. That I am very attuned to design.
  3. My ability to see large-scale and singular focus. #perspective
  4. That I am very loyal.
  5. That I enjoy considering and being considerate of other people.


  1. My eyes, primarily, though my whole face is worthy. 
  2. That I am surprisingly strong.
  3. My legs.
  4. It communicates my health to me (through my skin, nails, tongue, eyes, and feelings).
  5. My hands. 


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