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why don't I have any sandals this summer?


Saturday 29 August 2015

  • Shoes: Aerosoles; purchased 2014
  • Pants: Modcloth; purchased 2015
  • Tank: Target; shapewear; purchased 2013
  • Top: Target; purchased uknown
  • Necklace: unknown; forever ago
  • Rings: Forever 21; purchased 2015

I think I'd be coming up with more creative day-wear if I laid my outfits out the night before. However, a bit of backstory: I wake up between 4:30-5am for work for 10 hour shifts, my job is dusty and involves technical equipment. Dressing for ease and the context of the workplace is also a thing - at thing I used to blatantly ignore with my septum ring and Jeffrey Campbell Lita's at 7am, but it's a journey. 

TIP: DESIGN YOUR ENSEMBLES THE NIGHT BEFORE -- yeah, I'll let you know when I heed my own advice on that one. -wink-

Sunday 30 August 2015

  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe; purchased 2015
  • Pants: Modcloth; purchased 2015
  • Tank: Charlotte Russe; purchased 2014
  • T-shirt: unknown; forever ago
  • Purse: Forever 21; purchased 2015
  • Necklace: lou lou; purchased forever ago

This was an outift for the Point Pleasant Beach, NJ boardwalk where it would be crowded and we'd be going on rides. Body-hugging clothing was a good choice. I love these Freelance Photographer Pants from Modcloth because they're on the pants side of leggings, which are kind of my favorite thing. I will probably never own chinos and that's okay. Luckily, tailored leggings make it even better than okay.

TIP: KNOW HOW DIFFERENT STYLES LAY ON YOUR BODY -- Take notice of feeling words when you put on different styles of pants. I love the culottes that are in but I'm only 5' tall - I do not feel the way the models seem to feel wearing them. Flared pants are back and I'm having a hard time with that. I enjoy how flares look on my body but for the LOOK I'm going for tailored leggings achieve best. Again, this speaks to my core fashion ideas of - try different things and feel your feelings. If it feels good on your body, making it look good is the easy part. 

How was your Labor Day? (Yes, I know my chronology is all out of wack!)


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