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Day 1 of The Whole 30 (day 90-something of Prep)

I watched them with their scotch eggs and clean eating while I put back on 10+ pounds from the 60 or so I've lost over the last year.

I blame Brenna. 100%

She started a few months ago - The Whole 30. She completed one, then Hafsah joined her, they completed a second. So I decided -


Fine. I'll give it a go. I needed to because the second I fell out of consistency with my previous food plan (because fuck the word diet) is when I started eating poorly, putting weight back on, and feeling gross. Consistency is key. 

I was happy to hear Helya reiterate that this morning when I needed some encouragement and found her 30 day podcast to supplement this journey. Along with consistency, I need support from many angles - people, media, self, near-constant reinforcement that I want to be making these positive changes. Why I can't just trust the fact that I feel better when in a consistent heatlhy eating/ exercising routine, I'll never know. 

The ebb and flow of positive (and negative) phases in our lives 'starts' well before we consciously experience them.

Me falling off my 'diet' started well before my first pint of ice cream (#1 food drug, in my book) just the same as me trying to 'get back on track' started weeks ago, when I was still knee-deep in Chinese takeout (wonton soup is kind of a miracle cure for colds, though, I am convinced).  

The only way we can ride this metaphoric wave is to stay aware. I am always aware that I want to be eating well, exercising, and living healthy - reality manifests the experience of that - when it's working and when it's not. 

I wanted to start my whole 30 yesterday but my food choices Monday and yesterday didn't support that. I had to spend the day shopping and cooking. The key with The Whole 30 is planning and preparing, link much of life. Yesterday I cooked sausages, a sweet potato blueberry hash, and roasted veggies. Only then was I able to begin this morning. I had 2 hardboiled eggs, and 1.5 links of Kale & Balsamic Organic chicken sausage. Some quotes that pushed me along this journey over the last year have been: 

I'm looking forward to experiencing this month, no matter how this program works or doesn't work for me. Documenting is just another way for me to measure and share support for anyone going through similar things. Have you done The Whole 30? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your blog about the experience.

All the love. x/Amy 


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