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what would I do without black clothing


Thursday 27 August 2015

  • Aerosoles; 2014
  • Jeans: Target/ Denizen; 2013
  • Tank: Charlotte Russe; 2015
  • Cardigan: Target; forever ago
  • Purse: Forever 21; 2015
  • Necklace: Trunk show; forever ago
  • Rings; Forever 21; heirlooms

Clean cut. I just feel tidy. I absolutely LOVE these jeans and find myself in the spot I referenced earlier. I wish I had bought more pairs. They still might be 'find-able' so I may remember to do that at some point. They hit -right- at my ankle which is near-impossible to find at a cool 5' tall. 

TIP: CARDIGAN OVER A TANK IS A FAIL-SAFE -- Layering a sweater or shirt over a tank is always a good option. I dare you to prove this wrong (show me in the comments).

Friday 28 August 2015

These glasses  are the cornerstone of my 'signature style'. I don't even wear them all the time (especially in the Summer, because, sweating and need for sunglasses) but there are people who don't recognize me with/ without these glasses. I saw them and said, "This is it, I will never want another pair of glasses again." I have a weakness for Tom Ford after seeing his Iconoclasts episode with Jeff Koons - I adore them both. You should absolutely find a way to watch it. These glasses are my statement piece.

TIP: LISTEN TO YOUR FEELS -- If you respond strongly to something, honor that. Notice, first, that you're having a reaction and then try to see what it is. Adults sometimes confuse excitement with fear and worry. CUT THROUGH THAT, and try to see if it's actually joy, excitement, titillation. I promise, there are always feelings to be explored. 

Do you have a statement piece? I'd love to read about it or see a picture of it below. 


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