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Tuesday 25 August 2015

  • Shoes: Target; 2012
  • Jeans: Denizen/ Target; 2013
  • Tank: Charlotte Russe; 2014
  • Top: Urban Outfitters; 2013
  • Necklaces: heirlooms and/or gifts

I love layering. I'm short so I typically cuff my pants. I like to feel smoothed and covered so cami tanks are a must, which in August means layers in summer. Totally fine. A trend for this season is More is More and I love that. 

TIP: OUTFIT AMENDMENTS BECOME SIGNATURE STYLE -- jean cuffing; shoes without socks; a favorite all-purpose hat. Something you incorporate into an outfit to "fix" something can easily become a signature. I feel better not having bunchy fabric at my ankles, I cuff my pants, it's "my thing". Your bad-hair-day go-to or way of cutting up t-shirts is your signature style, refine it and celebrate it. 

Wednesday 26 August 2015

  • Shoes: Nasty Gal; 2015 - They're the Married to the Mod boot, they're sold out so I'm gonna stop linking to it. Link is still in previous blogs.
  • Leggings: Safeway
  • Top: Amazon
  • Necklace: Target
  • Wallet: Target

This top was one of those amazon gambles. Very cheap but actually fits nicely and is wear-able. I like alternatives to button-downs and t-shirts, and this fall's trend of the "pussy-bow" (I don't really "do" bows). I like this because it's 'interesting-plain' IMO. Also I love the color combination of cream/beige/tan and black, it's one of my favorites and always looks classy. 

TIP: PICK A PALETTE -- I stick to royal tones with a strong tendency toward black. My "pops of color" are usually red, yellow, orange, turquoise (NOT all together, of course). Imagine have an all-neutrals closet, a black/ white/ red closet, ONLY pastels? If you focus your wardrobe on a palette you enjoy seeing on yourself it will make pairing pieces much easier.

Do you stick to a palette? What's yours?


P.S. If you recognize this blog title we're probably best friends, let me know in the comments!

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