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mildly disheveled


Monday 03 August 2015

  • Shoes: Nasty Gal; purchased 2015
  • Ponte leggings: Target; purchased 2012
  • Top: unknown; handmedown

Accessories are the absolute best yet sometimes I forget about them entirely.

TIP: HAND-ME-DOWNS AND CLOTHING SWAPS ARE NO. 1 -- I honestly don't know how I would clothe myself if I didn't have a weird, fortuitous flow of donated clothing. I changed sizes between 2011-2014 and I stopped buying pants after I passed a certain size (body shaming at its worst). When I reached my highest weight a friend at work gave me 2-3 garbage bags full of clothes she was getting rid of. When I tried on the cute jeggings -that fit!- I nearly cried from forcing myself to not wear pants for so long. It was a real turning point in my body positivity and my belief that I can look cute at any size. It also encouraged me to care about myself more. I have since lost much of the weight but cling to many of those precious handmedowns. Handmedowns and clothing swaps can open your style spectrum to include more items overall and try things you normally wouldn't and allow you to see your style from new and exciting angles.

Tuesday 04 August 2015

  • Shoes: Target; purchased 2013
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target; purchased 2013
  • Top: Forever 21; gift 2012

For a while, I was only buying my clothes at Target - out of financial and fashion fear. I have since learned - you're going to spend your available clothing budget no matter what so you might as well vary where you do so, no matter how low or high the budget is. 

TIP: LOW-BUDGET =/=  NO OPTIONS -- I still love to get certain staples from from Target (shapewear, tights, leggings) and there are occasional great finds (I found a camel brown faux leather bag that actually embodies the lux description 'buttery leather', everyone loves it). But! The point is to use your money wisely and with thought. It's better to buy one nice piece higher end than many pieces just because they're cheaper. I've always honored that with shoes, I'm learning to do so with the rest of my wardrobe. Also, If you're going for trendy many stores like f21 can be cheaper, really.

I was inadvertently quite dressy for a Monday (I have Mondays off) but it felt nice to be so put together.  Simple pieces that work easily together to feel stylishly suitable are priceless and are helpful as quick go-tos; this is why the concept of successful people rocking corporate "uniforms" is gaining momentum.


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