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Wednesday 05 August 2015

  • Shoes: Amazon; purchased 2014
  • Denim leggings: Target; purchased 2012
  • Top: unknown; handmedown 2015
  • Jewelry: Target; purchased 2014, 2015

Leggings as pants is tricky concept. It really is a grey area. Pretty sure it's a 'no' unless you're confident in your styling - which it's very easy to be, so that makes it a yes*. This day it was nearly a miss because they were old leggings, they were thrown out at the end of the day. 

TIP: LEGGINGS AS PANTS -- A "top over the crotch" rule is standard. 

Thursday 06 August 2015

  • Shoes: Nasty Gal; purchased 2015
  • Leggings: Safeway; purchased 
  • Top: Unknown; handmedown 2014
  • Earrings: Gift; unknown
  • Wonderland bracelet: Modcloth; purchased 2015
  • Stacked bangles: Target; purchased 2015

One word: comfort. I'm lucky in that I don't have a corporate dress code at my job. However, I dress to inform my disposition on the job. If I need to be more present and focused, I'll dress more sharply. If I need to move and work quickly, I'll wear something like this which fall under my personal category of "work pajamas". 

TIP: TEXTILES -- Pay attention to how textures inform your disposition. Tailored tweed might be  helpful for an interview but casual Friday can extend all week if you stick to softer knits and cotton. 

What's your favorite fabric feeling?


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