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weekend whimsy

His mirror is dirty af. 

 Saturday 01 August 2015 

  • Shoes: Aerosoles; purchased 2014 
  • Dress: Forever 21; purchased 2015; $30
  • Jewelry: Target; purchased 2015; +/- $30

I shopped for this dress 3 days before my friend's wedding. I'm not great at fancy dress, something I'm definitely working on. If I had more funds I would've definitely sprung for shoes, however, it being a 12 hour day, I'm glad I went for comfort. 

TIP: CHOOSE A FOCAL POINT -- I wanted the jewels of the dress and my fun new jewelryto be the focal point on the soft, neutral look. Your focal point is the boldest element of your ensemble - statement shoes, a red lip, a flower in your hair, a dress - and once you're sure of that it really takes the pressure off the rest of your pieces, allowing you to supplement with favorite, or comfortable stand-bys.

Sunday 02 August 2015 

  • Shoes: karmaloop.com; purchased 2013 
  • Pants: Hue; gift, 2014 
  • Top: Forever 21; purchased 2015 
  • Knit: Forever 21; purchased 2014 

I wanted to be a little dressed up for a special dinner. Strong contrast and a half-sleek silhouette helped that goal.

TIP: CONTRAST IS SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE -- I paired tight leather booties and rough lace leggings with soft, flowy tops. Avoids the total biker chick of the bottom and the shapeless sack of the top. 

I love both outfits but the dress was a smidge snug for me. That's what I get for last-minute-shopping! --- How much time do you put into outfit planning, for both big events and small?? Comment below. 



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