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"putting in effort" and "not"


Thursday 13 August 2015

  • Shoes: Aerosoles; purchased 2014
  • Tights: unknown
  • Dress: Forever 21; purchased 2015
  • Necklace: gift
  • Glasses: Tom Ford

Me, on my 32nd birthday. Age is a social construct you don't have to abide. Feel as young as you can. 

TIP: BUY DESIGNER ONLY IF IT WILL SERVE YOU -- I have very few designer pieces, those I do are almost exclusively shoes and accessories - things that won't go out of style, things I know I'll wear a long time. When I saw those Tom Ford cat-eye glasses in 2010 I told my mother, 'those are the only pair of glasses I will ever wear for the rest of my life' - not entirely true but I still feel that strongly.

I'd like to buy higher quality basics, however, it's not a need , for me right now. My size has fluctuated enough to not invest too much clothing-wise, avoiding buyer's remorse. However, the fact remains, if you spend hundreds on cheap threads, in that place you could have a few things that look much better and last far longer. The designer dilemma is something I'll definitely explore further here.

Friday 14 August 2015

  • Shoes: Aerosoles; purchased; 2014
  • Leggings: Safeway
  • Top: handmedown
  • Cardigan: Target; purchased forever ago
  • Bag: Forever 21; purchased; 2015\

I was sick this week but I still went out for a lovely dinner with friends for my birthday. It was so heartwarming but my body wasn't ready. I woke up the next day with the summer cold giving one last heavy kick. So, a go-to outfit it is. I am SO grateful for handmedowns because they allow me to try styles I wouldn't normally - like this top, which is now an absolute favorite.

TIP: TRY NEW STYLES. This is hard for me; you'll see that as my outfits start repeating. But there are many ways to accomplish this so be open, even if you have to force yourself. If I didn't, I'd still be living in Chucks and ruffle skirts (still love that combo, but variety is a beautiful thing, I have to remind myself).

Can anyone photoshop me out of that bathroom on the left so I can have an actual 'this is me at 32' portrait? Ha.



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