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too many layers for summer


Sunday 09 August 2015

  • Boots: Modcloth; purchased 2015
  • Leggings: Torrid; purchased 2014
  • Top: Forever 21; purchased 2015
  • Knit: Forever 21; purchased 2013/4
  • Necklace: Target; purchased 2014
  • Phone cover: Amazon; purchased 2015

I'm really into these leggings, they're mesh. Again, texture. I'm really not into how I have zero summer footwear this season save for 2 pairs of flip flops. I used to own sandals... didn't I? This is what happens when you get too into ankle boots. 

TIP: THE TURNING POINT FOR HEELS IS 3.5" -- For me, and it's probably different for everyone, but shoes go from easy-to-walk-in to painful-after-a-short-time after 3.5 inches. Four inch heels require being tried on or the assumption I won't be able to walk in them for too long. Platforms vary and can be figured out by subtracting the platform height from the total heel height. 

Footwear requires the most care. Whether you need comfort or style or height or to walk for 12 hours, put time and money into your feet, if nothing else. I was told at 23 to stop wearing heels. I didn't, and that's okay, but I spend a lot of time now revising what I'll wear on my feet. Even if you wear a cruel shoe sometimes, try to balance it out with self-care, a pedicure, and some go-to comfy kicks for lowkey days.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

  • Boots: Nasty Gal; purchased 2015
  • Leggings: CVS; purchased 2015 - CVS leggings are more like tights and are not great. Safeway leggings are your standard issue leggings. If buying throw-away leggings opt for Safeway. I'll get a brand when I can. 
  • Skirt: unknown; handmedown 2015
  • Top: unknown; handmedown 2015
  • Sweater: Target; purchased unknown

August 10th and 11th were sick days (along with the 12th-14 as well, but I had to go to work at some point) so I didn't get dressed long enough to document or at all. I like layers when I'm not feeling well, kind of like being under the covers. It didn't work so well Wednesday but I got through the day, so, gold star.

TIP: HAVE GO-TO COMFY OUTFITS -- My outfit for the next two days were much more comfy and standard for me. I need leggings and a loose top or an easy dress. The layers for Wed. did not work and felt too lumpy, disjointed, and difficult. Note: this doesn't mean sweatpants. More on this later. 

What's your style backbone/ staple outfit?


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