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The specificity and brand-iness of a mission statement.


On Wednesday Gwyn asked me, “What’s your mission statement?,” and my eyes rolled right off my face. I hated that prompt. My impossible time jobhunting and trying to determine goals has made the specificity and brand-iness of a mission statement loathsome. Gwyn continued, “Mine is knowing I have a choice and pursuit of knowledge.”

“Well that isn’t very corporate,” I thought. All I could muster as a response was, “Love and creativity? Like basic concepts? Constructive creativity. Psychology of positivity.” The only breakthrough was my love of alliteration, not exactly a mission statement. Not exactly clarity of purpose, either.

We went on to discuss ‘being in the moment’ which I have a tremendously difficult time doing. Over the last week the only times I have been were when I was with my boyfriend and while redecorating my bedroom (doing things I love *wink*). While being in the moment and focusing on love and creativity isn’t the most elaborate objective it’s something I’ve come to find very difficult to actually do. I had to break it down to basic concepts I had lost touch with.

Sitting at work this week the distinction between these two modes is palpable. There is no love in corporate chaos and disordered eating. Ellen Fondiler of Miracle Workers told me this week, “Just pick something, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed just do what comes easily.” When I tap into things I love, being in the moment comes easily.


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