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Review: Lunarly subscription box - October 2018

Note: this post is not sponsored nor an ad, just a shared experience.

via  lunarly.com

via lunarly.com

Recently I signed up for a 3 month subscription to Lunarly - a monthly subscription box that arrives just in time for the new moon to boost our manifesting energies. I was super excited when I received my first box.

October 8th was the Hunter’s Moon, new moon.

Everyone’s first box comes with their “New Moon, New Me” collection, and by collection they mean a small (maybe 20 page) notebook, 3 sheets of stickers, a bookmark, and a ‘setting intentions’ instruction card. It’s super cute, I’ll give it that, but it’s nice it comes with the rest of the goodies in the box.

October’s box included:

  • full size Hunter’s Moon Candle - with the scents of Palo Santo, Amber, and warm leather — it’s SO nice I don’t want to burn it.

  • black and purple ‘mini tapestry, the size of a bandana — very cute under my seasonal decor

  • Black Obsidian stone, small pointed wand of black and blue color - love adding to my stone collection, unsure on the authenticity (let me know if you know!)

  • 4 Sigmatic Mushroom sampler box — really excited about this one! I’ve tried 3 of 8 so far, tasty!

I was hoping for a plant (which this service boasts including). However, overall I was satisfied and happy with this box. It gave me a little of everything I’d want - decor, elixirs, pretty things and is low on waste - which for me w/ these boxes is very important. I’ve grown really tired of sample packaging and throwing away one-use items. This box includes things I’ll keep forever and only the box and the mushroom packets go in the bin.

Enjoyed ✓ Recommend ✓ Worth the price ✓


  • Affordability: 4/5 — a good way to curb impulse purchases

  • Eco-Consciousness: 3/5 — still a box to recycle but with minimal waste overall

  • mushroom elixirs I wouldn’t have tried otherwise (a high value inclusion)

  • candle is super high-quality and smells amazing


  • Info Card — Not enough actual information about the lunar phase or specific moon. Would really like to learn a little more if I’m going to buy a box specifically tailored to a niche interest

  • small notebook — not that important

  • no plant - not really a con unless I don’t receive any throughout my subscription

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