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Radical Self Seeking

“Getting my shit together” was my motto for over a decade.

How long and hard have you worked on improving yourself? For me, it all culminated in spending most of 2015:

  • Organizing myself.

  • Finding myself.

  • Strengthening that self?

  • Facing setbacks.

  • Delving into the tips and tricks of every self-help guru that has made a name for herself on the internet in the life-coach-blogger space.
It all started with Gala Darling and Ellen Fondiler's Miracle Worker career-enhancement course. I recommend. 

It all started with Gala Darling and Ellen Fondiler's Miracle Worker career-enhancement course. I recommend. 

To what end? Perhaps the acceptance of ‘there is no end’. As long as I’m living, I’m evolving! That’s something to be psyched about. No questions, it’s a struggle but that’s kinda the point. So, I’m here to save you some trouble, but not necessarily time. It was about a 10:1 rate of return. For every month and guru I explored I gleaned only a few things:

  1. Being excited and expressive about self-love will move you in positive directions.

  2. Monetize your opinions // people will spend big money on lists, templates, and simplicity.

  3. There are 5 (ish?) basic story types and make yours fit into one of them.

  4. You’ll do it when you’re ready.

  5. Believe in how loving you are.

  6. You are seeking a feeling that the surface goal is the face of getting to - seek feelings not tasks.

  7. Set a bedtime alarm.

  8. I’m an Obliger-Rebel

  9. Spiritual progress can be monetized and I don’t know how I feel about that.

  10. Curate yourself.

  11. Do what’s easy.

  12. Does it feel light?

  13. Outer order = inner calm.

  14. Keep only things that give you joy.

This is what I’ve retained from 8 months of exploration. My point, however, is that -- give yourself that 8 months (one year, 5 years) because you don’t know what will stick and when. This evolution in my life began in 2010, it took 5 years to get to these 14 compelling points - and I’m grateful for all of it. ALL the gurus emphasize gratitude, it truly is essential. If you have a specific problem (time-management, career momentum, healing from trauma, anything) over-saturate yourself with information and see what sticks - See what speaks to where your heart is right now. Being open-minded to new things to try is essential. Not worrying when new things fade away and you have to keep trying is even better.

The results? I’m calmer. I’m doing things for myself regardless of if it will make me successful. Moreover, I’m still preoccupied with most of it - but can re-direct myself toward something more positive with an ease I didn’t have before.

There is no eradicating the bad, there are just new approaches to moving forward. Be open to these new approaches - try them and challenge them. 

Appreciate your lack of solutions - those who “have it all figured out” are mistaken or practicing all of the above all of the time, stumble, regain footing, and continuing on.

Would you like a list of resources? Do you agree with this approach or do you have some new methods for me? I’d love to hear them and try them out.


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