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Positivity Project - Week 5 - spirituality as normal life-stuff

Week 5 of Summer: 7/17 - 7/23/2016


Grow free, work to become, beware the illusion of material fulfillment.

We don't question nature. We accept it, as it, thanks to science and it's daily display of existence without control. 

I have faith and spirituality in much the same way. If we can agree on the energies of the universe (from still air to aggressive rain to the admirable routine of ocean waves, never mind things like electricity and space exploration) then we can agree there is more at play here than our measly minds. 

Powers greater than yourself you can harness without ever having to talk religion or G-O-D:

  1. WRITE: you + pen + paper = more than just one of those elements, 3 is greater than 1.
  2. MOVE: changing your position in the universe will actually shift things, as in moving out of the way of an oncoming vehicle!
  3. DON'T MOVE: plants don't move much while they're growing, eh? we all need time to be calm, still, and just be one with this huge, wild world, yes, it's meditation, but break it down - it's not as frou frou as people sometimes make it.
  4. COOK, CLEAN, SHOWER: Self-care is one of the highest spiritual acts.
  5. LAUGH: there's tons of scientific evidence backing this one up, and you love science, right?

If you're doing these things, then you have a grounded, spiritual practice and you don't even know it!

Part of life, goal-setting, and being happy (that illusive, made-up phrase) is putting a lot of time into caring for yourself. It takes time to step away from the distractions and the Kardashians but noticing your own existence is hugely better and more fulfilling in the long rung

Little shifts lead to lots of love!


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