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Positivity Project - Week 3 - Tale of Two Inspos

Week 3 of Summer: 7/3 - 7/9


Are these quotes conflicting messages?

Self-motivation and self-love are separate. It is important to nurture and accept yourself as you are - flaws, struggles, and all. It's also important to reflect and take notice of areas you'd like to keep growing in - NOT as a criticism but as a way to develop more happiness. 

I sometimes snap at people. I have a sharp tongue and I always think I'm right. However, moving through life with love and compassion is my goal. Every successful athlete has some off-games. The goal is to move through those with awareness and compassion toward the self - one of the most difficult things to cultivate. 

Ways I demonstrate self-compassion:

  1. I let myself be me - feel my feelings, speak unfiltered, get to the honesty of something, there's always time to review and move beyond.

  2. Positive self-talk.

  3. Listen to videos by people like Danielle LaPorte and Tony Robbins or check in with my body-pos tribe.

  4. I take alone time.

  5. I speak openly and very honestly with people I trust. 

There are so many ways to make little shifts that will, in turn, lead to bigger self-love. Sleeping naked is a tip I found this summer (though I still demand panties because fear of creatures) and it's just a nice release and relief - that I love myself to be nude and unbound in any way especially or at the very least in the unending comfort of my own bed. 

Little steps lead to loads of love!


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