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Inspiration Board: Spring 2016 Rose Quartz


💕  I created a quirky, contemporary living room using Donna Wilson's art, minimalism, ease, and comfort as my focus. 💕

💕  Alexander Wang's metallic Anais loafers  💕

💕  The art of Francis Bacon 💕 


BONUS: Check out the eccentric display of my childhood commitment to the color pink BELOW! It's no longer embarrassing, mostly just bold AF and I admire that. 

As you can see, the transition from my youthful flagrance to adult inspiration happens only over time and with experience and refinement.

As we are exposed to more things we develop more intricacies into our tastes.

However, I would still rock 50% of the below ensembles. Socks and sandals while blending into the home decor - now that's impressive! haha

All the love. x/Amy


Using a color you've lost your taste for in new and inspiring ways is an excited challenge. I began loathing pink after a childhood full of BRIGHT fuchsia leggings and puffy coats and generally being teased for my interpreted lack of fashion sense. However, that was a LONG time ago. These days, I love different materials and tones and integrating a classic pink into metallics or interwoven with deeper burgundy has brought new life to a color I was almost certainly done with. 

Use the color as an accent before you go full on. Try a small piece of costume jewelry or a vase in a tone  you've avoided - if it feels good - and go from there. Finding outside things you admire in these colors is also a great way to start, try a pinterest board!