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October 2016: New Moon In Libra Resource Guide

A Black Moon and New Moon in Libra is happening -Right Now! -

A Black Moon occurs when there are two New Moons in one month. This first new moon is in Libra, the sign of two scales symbolizing balance, and, to me - Physics. The traditional image of a woman holding scales shows two components: factors within her own control (firm grip, good posture?) and also environmental ones, as well. Being an air sign, some of what keeps the Libra scales in balance, in her grasp, and holding its contents is the calm, evenly flowing air around her. Natural conditions supporting this goddesses hard work.

The first new moon in Fall is here for the harvest and encourages the concept of abundance. 

New Moon Action Items:


Part of keeping your scales balanced is knowing what you're holding onto - physically and emotionally. 

Idea: Go through shoes (and clothes!) and keep only wearable options on display, put rest in bin to go through in 6 months or so.

Idea: Tell someone how you're feeling if you're holding onto some longstanding grudge. Ask if there's really something there you both can talk about or it's just a negative story your busy-bee brain has been telling you.


Having a regimen actually lets you feel more free! Like settings or defaults on your electronics, having a set routine or self-care ceremony will create more space for artistic, mental, or physical adventure! 

Check out DC's Gracy Obuchowicz's interview on My Morning Routine where she shares the details her morning ritual for some serious inspiration! 

Idea: Start with ONE - morning or evening, whichever is easier. Integrate what you already do: wash face, brush teeth, then add a little extra, a celebration of your self or your day. Free-writing, meditation, a daily 5 minute drawing, prayer, setting intentions, sun salutations, or simply lighting a candle or using a special hand lotion and saying Thank you, 


It's time to let go.

It is the exact opposite of what I want to do.

How about you? I want to plan, plan, plan. Inventory. Create routine. Decorate the house. Connect with friends. BE PRODUCTIVE. That's all well and good, however, Autumn has it's own seasonal energy. After establishing organization, routing, your list of must-do Fall adventures - let it go. Put your lists in a drawer (check in once a week, sure), know that all of the lists and intentions will be there, whether your hold them vice tight or make space for some seasonal spontaneity. Let the energy in the air help balance your scales. Be present to what you're actually doing - look down at your feet, and up at the world, get our of your head - It will only serve to benefit and enable you to see abundance you may have tasked right over. 

You are part of nature, work together. 

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