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Friday 07 August 2015

  • Shoes: Target; purchased circa 2012
  • Tights: Target; purchased unknown date
  • Skirt: American Apparel; purchased circa 2008
  • Shirt: Target; purchased 2014
  • Map of London Necklace: gift

Pairing pieces in unusual ways is my absolute favorite. Using an extra-casual tee under a fitted skirt makes this feel more pulled together. 

TIP: FOCUS ON FORM -- Even your tighter pieces can still be comfortable and that makes dressing for work or for a formal event more enjoyable. I buy bodysuits, wear most things veryhigh-waisted, have a staple brand/style of underwear that feels like I have nothing on, etc. all to address my short torso and curves. In both pics I have my tights/leggings up to my bra line practically because, for me, it's more comfortable than feeling cut off at my gut and let's me feel smoothed and covered. It's a short person thing, too.

Saturday 08 August 2015

  • Boots: Just Fab; purchased, 2013
  • Socks: unknown
  • Leggings: Safeway; purchased
  • Dress: Target; purchased circa 2012
  • Necklace: Target; purchased 2014

i have been trying to replace this staple dress for years. I think I have finally found some pieces this fall at Forever 21. Having easy basics is the best piece of fashion advice I can give you.

TIP: DRESSES HAVE CHILL - What do you feel best in? You may actually have to try on different things to know. My cousin, devoted to jeans and t-shirts, was surprised by how bolstered she felt when she discovered modcloth dresses. While she still prefers casual separated, this was a helpful discovery. Throwing a skater dress on is way easier for me than buying jeans ever could be.

Are you into dresses or are you forever trousers? 


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