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Friday 21 August 2015

  • Shoes: Aerosoles; purchased; 2014
  • Leggings: Target; purchased; 2012
  • Top: handmedown
  • Necklace: unknown; forever ago
  • Phone case: Amazon

Two work outfits. I'm grateful I can dress fairly casually at work - not just casual, but in "my style". I would feel exceedingly oppressed if I had to figure out 'business' or 'business casual' dress on the regular. While most of what I wear is almost there, I don't really know what an actual office would say. Those space buns I rocked last week were definitely a Saturday-no-managers-around decision. -wink-

TIP: LET LIFESTYLE INFORM CAREER -- For the youth, let what you already prefer guide some of your "what should I do with my life" decision making. What is your favorite type of footwear? That could provide loads of information as to how you might want to make a living. Nikes? Maybe you're more hands on and want an active career. Loafers? Go Greek. Flatform sneakers? Maybe something in media. Too busy studying to care? Lawyer. Leave a comment if you'd like me to write more in-depth on what I mean by this. 

Saturday 22 August 2015

  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe; 2015
  • Tights: Target or Safeway
  • Dress: Urban Outfitters; 2014
  • Cardigan: Target; 2012ish
  • Purse: Forever 21; 2015
  • Necklace: gift

I love this dress and these shoes. I like wearing clothes that make me happy, Sounds pretty rudimentary but I've watched enough What Not To Wear to know that comfort and joy are usual interchanged and misunderstood. My dear friend Kayla, fan of baseball caps and crocs (hey! they're comfy and have cute ones, relax), recently bought some skull print and floral dresses and the change in the brightness in her face when she wears them is undeniable. There's room in your wardrobe for both but - if it brings you joy, makes you smile, feels a little naughty - Do it. On the flip side, I banned prints from my life around the summer of 2009 when I saw a picture of myself in a cherry print babydoll top that looked horrific. What. Even. I decided then that I'd really limit the types of patters I wore. I consider myself to be kind of cartoonish and I just don't feel the need to layer loud prints on top of that. I like minimal design and bold statements. 

TIP: INVENTORY PRINTS -- I don't wear loud prints or plaid. Plaid is one I question sometimes but have been resolute in it for years. Loud prints - I'm completely done. Pick a signature print you really love on you (I like stripes and abstract polka dots). If you're afraid something looks awkward on  you (and that does NOT mean horizontal strips on an apple body type - you can rock that all day long) or it makes you uncomfortable, feels unnatural, or doesn't fit with your aesthetic - write it off for a little while. See if eliminating something makes shopping and dressing easier. You know, the way people give up Gluten, give up "shirts with words on them"; I bet your world would look totally different. 

P.S. - I don't wear plaid because I'm not a lumberjack, a hipster, or a 70s punk, even if I want to be. I also don't need plaid to reference any of those if I want to add some of that flavor. 

P.P.S. - Fashion's never set in stone. If I wanna rock a plaid mini I damn well will. 


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